safety 101.

general tips

keep your account secure.

Account security is important. Anything you do that could give other people access to your account puts you at risk of having your money stolen, or worse, having your account used for illegal purposes.


never let anyone else use your account.

Along with the danger of theft, you risk being charged with a crime if someone uses your account for illegal purposes which may implicate you in a criminal offence.


check your account regularly.

Get into the habit of checking your account regularly via internet or mobile banking – that way you’ll catch any suspicious activity sooner rather than later.

Always check your statements for any transactions that look suspicious. Report any suspicious transactions immediately to us on 13 15 63.


general tips to protect you and your money

Every time you receive an account statement or other correspondence from ME, check it carefully to ensure there are no unauthorised transactions. Contact us immediately on 13 15 63 if you wish to report any unauthorised transactions


electronic Access Terms and Conditions 

Our Electronic Access Terms and Conditions set out in full the situations where you could be liable for unauthorised electronic transactions involving use of your card, customer ID, access code, password or PIN. Your liability for losses resulting from unauthorised electronic transactions will be determined under our Electronic Access Terms and Conditions (which reflects liability under the ePayments Code) rather than the guidelines given on this web page.


You can get a copy of these by clicking on this link:  Electronic Access Terms and Conditions or by calling us on 13 15 63.