Debit Mastercard Reissue FAQs

Why am I getting a new debit MasterCard?

Times have changed, and your old card is missing some useful features that are now standard on our cards. With your new card you’ll be able to do things like shopping, making tap & goTM payments or banking overseas. Whenever you press ‘credit’ when you make a purchase or use the tap & go, you’re also protected by MasterCard’s

Zero Liability policy, which covers you against fraudulent transactions on your card. More on that here.

Of course, your new card will also do everything your old card could. And it’s still a debit card, not a credit card – so you’re always using your own money to make purchases.

Are there fees on banking overseas with my new MasterCard?

We do everything we can to keep fees to a minimum, but banking overseas does come with some costs attached.

If you’re an Interest ME Savings Account customer, you can read up on the fees for overseas transactions here.

If you’re an Ultimate Offset Account customer, you would have been sent your new fee info by mail. If you need another copy, just get in touch.

How do I activate my new card?

Online: Log in to internet banking and click the ‘Card Management’ tab on the left. Then click on the ‘Activate[RK4]’ link shown under your new card details.

Over the phone: Just call 1300 307 986 and follow the steps. You’ll need your ‘Party ID’ number handy, which is in the letter you got with your new card.

How long will my old card stay active?

Once we’ve sent out your new card, your old one will only work for the next 30 days. (It’ll also get deactivated automatically when you activate your new card.)

I got a letter about my card’s PIN being reset. What do I need to do?

Whenever someone changes their card PIN, we automatically send them a letter confirming the change – just to make sure everything’s on the level.

This can also happen when you first activate a new card if your PIN gets changed as part of that process. If that’s what happened in your case, you just ignore that PIN reset letter.