PIN selection FAQs

Can I activate my new card over the phone?

You can call our PIN Select Service on 1300 307 986 anytime, day or night, to activate your new card.

You can also change your PIN whenever you like using the same service.

Make sure you have your 8-digit Party ID handy when you call. You can find this on the letter that came with your new card, or on the top-right of your account statements.

On credit card statements, your Party ID is the first 8 digits of your Customer Reference Number.

How do I select a PIN?

When you call 1300 307 986 we’ll ask for a few details to confirm your identity. When prompted, just enter the information using your keypad and then press the # key.

Here’s what we’ll ask for:

• Your Party ID (this is on letter that came with your card, and on your account statement

• Your date of birth (entered as DD/MM/YYYY)

• Your mobile number or Your home number, including area code (if you haven’t given us a mobile number)

• The last four digits of your 16-digit card number (on the front of your card)

• The expiry date of your card (entered as MM/YY)

After that, you can choose a 4-digit PIN for your card. But before you do, you should check out our advice below on choosing a secure PIN.

Once you've entered your new PIN, you’ll need to confirm the number by re-entering it.

Then you’re done – your card is active, your PIN is set, and you’re ready to hit the streets.

How do I choose a secure PIN?

To make sure your PIN as secure as possible, there are a couple of things we won’t let you do:

  • Your PIN can’t be a set of consecutive numbers (for example, ‘1234’)
  • Your PIN can’t be one repeated number (for example, ‘1111’)

To keep your PIN safe, it’s also important that you use a code that won’t be too easy to guess. For that reason you should never use your date of birth as part of your PIN – and if you do, you might be held liable for any unauthorised transactions that happen where a PIN is required.