travel FAQs.

Can I use my ME card overseas?

The answer is yes – mostly.

You can use all of these cards overseas:

  • Everyday Transaction Account debit card
  • InterestME Savings Account debit card
  • Ultimate Offset Account debit card
  • Frank credit card
  • ME MasterCard®

Note that if you’ve got an InterestME or Ultimate Offset account with an older card – where the card number starts with 5048 – you will need to get your card updated before you can use it overseas. Get in touch on 13 15 63 and we’ll get you a new one sent out. 

Are there any fees or charges when I use my cards overseas?

Yes, some fees do apply when using your Everyday Transaction Account or credit cards overseas.

You can check out the fees and charges for your account here:

Can I use ME Internet Banking while I am overseas?

Yes! Simply log in to Internet Banking using your Customer ID and Access code.

Can I use the ME mobile banking app while overseas?

Yes – but keep in mind using the mobile banking app may mean you’ll incur expensive data roaming fees from your mobile service provider. See if you can access cheap (or free!) wi-fi before using the mobile banking app.

You can find out more about the mobile banking app here.

What should I do if my card is blocked while I’m overseas?

If we see activity on your card that could be the result of a fraud or theft, we might need to place a temporary block on your card.

If that happens we’ll send you an SMS to let you know, and we’ll ask you to get in touch to tell us whether or not the suspicious transactions are yours – if your card hasn’t been compromised, we’ll have the block removed right away.

We’re always on call if there’s ever an issue with your card – get in touch 24/7 on +61 3 9708 4001. 

What should I do before I travel overseas?

Let us know about the dates you’ll be travelling and the countries you’re planning to visit by sending us a secure mail using internet banking (select the account you will be using in the ‘Subject’ drop down box), or by calling 13 15 63.

That way we’ll know to monitor your account, so we can protect your funds if we think your card or account has been compromised while you’re overseas. 

What if my card is lost or stolen while overseas?

You can put a temporary block on your card using internet banking – that way, if you find your card later, you can just reactivate it.

For more information on blocking your card, go here


You can also call us on our international contact number at +61 3 9708 4001, and we’ll help you cancel your card and get a replacement sorted.

No matter where you are, we’ll do whatever we can to help you out.