business term deposit.


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Here’s the skinny on ME's Business Term Deposit. 

If you’ve read this factsheet end to end and still can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet account information, you can get more of what you’re after in the FAQ or get in touch on 1300 658 108.

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (AEST).




main features.


Low cost

- No establishment fees

No account-keeping fees


Fixed rates

- Rates are fixed for the term of the deposit

Fixed terms

 - Deposit between $1,000 and $1,000,000

 - Choose from terms between one month and five years

Interest options

- Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, annually or at maturity

Get started

- Download and complete an application form.





1 month  2.00% p.a.  4 months  2.55% p.a. 7 months  2.60% p.a. 10 months  2.65% p.a.
2 months  2.00% p.a. 5 months  2.55% p.a. 8 months  2.60% p.a. 11 months  2.65% p.a.
3 months  2.50% p.a. 6 months  2.75% p.a. 9 months  2.65% p.a. 12 months 2.75% p.a.

The above rates are based on interest paid at maturity for terms up to 12 months.

For all Term Deposit rates please click here.





account-related fees

Establishment fee


No fee

Account-keeping fee


No fee


early withdrawal interest adjustment

Note that you cannot make a partial withdrawal from a term deposit



If you withdraw your term deposit prior to the maturity date, we will reduce the rate by the Early Withdrawal Interest Adjustment, as specified below:



Percentage of your term that has elapsed

0%   to <20%   90%

20% to <40%   80%

40% to <60%   60%

60% to <80%   40%

80% to <100% 20%

Percentage reduction to your interest rate







early withdrawal

Note that you can’t make a partial withdrawal from a term deposit. If you want to take funds from your term deposit account early, you’ll need to withdraw the full amount, which terminates the account and results in a reduction on your interest rate, as indicated above. 






things you should know.

Interest Rates for ME Term Deposits are current as at 19-Feb-2018 and subject to change.

Rates are for deposits between $1,000 and $1,000,000. For rates for amounts above $1,000,000, contact ME on 1300 658 108.

You will get the interest rate that applies to your term deposit on the day your complete application is received as long as funds are received within three business days of your application.

All terms are in calendar months. We offer terms of between one month and 60 months.

Your total deposits with ME up to $250,000 are guaranteed under the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme.

The above rates are based on interest paid at maturity for terms up to 12 months and interest paid annually for terms greater than 12 months.

We will credit interest at the selected interest payment frequency and at the maturity of the term.

Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions available on request or by clicking here.

This is general information only and you should consider if this product is appropriate for you.