Keen to get started on your tax return?

We’ll have your end-of-year interest statements to you soon – but in the meantime, if you have an Online Savings Account or InterestME Savings Account, you can use internet banking to work out your interest for the financial year

Finding your account interest.

Here's how it's done.

  1. Log in to internet banking.
  2. Select your account.
  3. Under the heading ‘transaction history’, click ‘advanced search’.
  4. Set the date range to start 01/07/2016 and end 30/06/2017.
  5. Under ‘search for specific text’, type ‘interest’.
  6. Hit ‘search’. You’ll see all the entries in the last financial year with the word ‘interest’ in the transaction description. Totalled together, these make up your account interest for the year.

Getting your interest total.

You can add up those search results by hand – but if you’ve got Microsoft Excel (or a similar spreadsheet program) you can let your computer do the legwork:

  1. Hit the ‘export all’ button at the bottom of the transaction list.
  2. From the drop down list, select ‘Comma Separated Values (CSV)’ and click ‘export’.
  3. Open up the file using Microsoft Excel.
  4. Highlight all the numbers in the ‘debits and credits’ column; you’ll see a total displayed at the bottom of the screen, where it says ‘sum’ – that number is the total interest for your account for the last financial year.

Transactions for $0.00?

You’ll probably see some transactions showing an amount of ‘$0.00’. These aren’t actual transactions – instead, the transaction line has been used to show an update to your interest rate. You can safely ignore the $0.00 entries in terms of calculating your interest.